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UPDATED: Beasley Twitter Photo Leads to Rehab

Sometimes it's hard to feel sorry for the Miami Heat's Michael Beasley. God-given basketball gifts, big NBA contract, supersized ego... you know.

But now he's getting hit for something in the background of a picture he posted on Twitter. Here's the image:


​OK, you see that in the lower right corner (not the remote). People are saying it resembles a baggie. And you know what they put in baggies, don't you? 

I'll admit, that looks like something you would have seen in any one of my college abodes (complete with the lack of furniture). But can the kid get the benefit of the doubt? It really could be anything. And even if it's proven out, what's the big deal? Weed is a big part of the NBA (and all of American society, of course). Ask the league's sole truth teller on the issue, Josh Howard.

Now Beaz has shut down his Twitter page and has been sent into a tailspin over this thing. 

When is this charade about pot going to end? It would have been worse if that Sprite 7-Up bottle had "Seagram's" written on it. Then you might have a real problem in the making. Hey, but that's legal.

UPDATE: Well, apparently he does indeed have a real problem. He checked himself into rehab. Hope the Beas gets the help he needs, but please don't blame the weed.

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