[UPDATED] Broward Deputy Hits Teenaged Bicyclist in Weston

A teenager riding a bike this morning at the intersection of Glades Parkway and State Route 84 was struck by a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy.

According to the BSO release, the accident occurred at 7:31 when the teenager, who is said to have been riding his bike south on Glades Parkway through a red light at SR 84, was struck.

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But that's a little strange. As you can see in the photo here (click to enlarge it), a bicyclist can't ride south on Glades Parkway through SR 84, because Glades doesn't go through. I'll see if BSO can clear this up and update when I learn more. [Update after the jump.]

BSO spokesperson Keyla Conception says that the accident took place at the intersection of Glades Parkway with eastbound SR 84, not westbound 84, which is pictured.

The boy, who has not been named, was heading to school. He had been riding his bicycle west along 84 before turning on Glades Parkway to go south. According to Conception, the boy then went under I-595, then through the red light, where he was struck by the BSO car.

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