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[UPDATED] Claudia the 30-Date Girl Takes Her Campaign to TV

It's been just three weeks since Juice first introduced Claudia Castillo, the South Florida newcomer who vowed to go on 30 dates in August and to document them on a website, seeclaudiadate.com.

Now she's hit the big time: NBC6 did a segment on Castillo Thursday night. That video is after the jump.

That's not all that's new with Claudia. Since we last checked in on her, she has had one date that was a fairly epic disaster.

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcmiami.com/video.

Unlucky number seven, in which Castillo met a date at a Marlins game that was delayed by rain. She tells of how the two took refuge near the park's front gate and talked while waiting for the skies to clear. From her recap:

After about 20 minutes or so, the rain had let up a little bit. The game definitely wasn't starting any time soon, but I figured we could at least go inside, maybe grab a snack or a drink. He was a little hesitant, saying that he didn't want to sit in the rain and get wet. So he said he was gonna go and get his umbrella from his car (I had mine in my purse). I told him ok and he said he'd be right back.

Cut to 5 minutes later...I get a text message that reads as follows:

Hey I think we should just maybe do something another day. I don't want to sit in the rain and I'm also tired for some reason. I'm sorry.

What? WHAT?!? Did he just leave without saying goodbye and send me a text message to do so? I had a brief Carrie Bradshaw/Post-It moment. This guy seriously just left without saying goodbye and left me here.

Damn. Brutal. According to my female co-workers. the "Post-It moment" is a reference to a scene in Sex & the City when Sarah Jessica Parker's character is dumped via Post-It note.

To Castillo's immense credit, she stayed the course and on the following day went on Date No. 8. She's made it through 10.

UPDATE: Just talked to Castillo and asked her whether the Marlins-game date means that she's already seen the worst that the local singles scene has to offer. "I hope so -- but it wasn't that bad," she says. "It could have been worse."

In fact, being only ten dates into the campaign, there are 20 more chances of meeting a guy who's a bigger jerk than that one. But Castillo says that the toughest obstacle so far is just being game for yet another new guy every night. "It's becoming very routine," she says, describing how a first date is now just that thing she does after she's done feeding her dog.

I suggested that in September, she could have 30 second dates. "No, I think by September, I might crawl back into my apartment and stay there for a few weeks," says Castillo.

But she'd better answer the door in case a movie studio comes knocking. Castillo, who insists she's not doing this for self-promotional reasons, says that she recently heard from a woman who did a similar stunt only to turn it into a book deal and have it optioned as a feature film.

"This is taking a toll on me," she says of her marathon dating.

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