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UPDATED: Dalia Dippolito Murder-for-Hire Story on Investigation Discovery Tonight

Improbable as it may sound, there is an entire television series devoted to people who hire hit men to kill their loved/hated ones. The Investigation Discovery show Nothing Personal is hosted by Steve Schirripa, the jovial comedian who played Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos. Now he uses his mobster street cred to narrate true-crime dramas about women who plot to kill their husbands -- women like Boynton Beach's own Dalia Dippolito.

Last May, Dippolito was convicted of solicitation to commit murder. Tune in tonight at 9 (Comcast Channel 111 in Broward and Channel 104 in Palm Beach) to see the whole sordid tale come to life. One of the show's producers tells us that Dalia's ex-husband and intended victim, Michael Dippolito, gave them an interview. And now that Dalia is home on house arrest, awaiting her appeal and working on a cookbook, the entire murder-for-hire saga just keeps getting weirder.

UPDATE April 3, 2012: Dalia Dippolito's June 2011 sentencing hearing is airing on In Session this morning.Tune in to truTV to see the judge call her "pure evil."

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