UPDATED: Derek Cook, Alleged Driver in Porsche Hit and Run, Surrenders to Police

Since February 2009, Fort Lauderdale police have been looking for Derek Cook, the Tamarac man who was allegedly racing a Porsche on Sea Breeze Boulevard when he lost control and struck two tourists from Great Britain, killing them.This morning, just before noon, Cook surrendered.

Cook, 38, is charged with accessory after the fact and aggravated fleeing and eluding. The Porsche was owned by Ryan LeVin, a rich playboy who was allegedly racing in Cook's car when the accident occurred.

UPDATE: The news release mentions that LeVin was facing two counts of vehicular homicide, along with charges for leaving the scene of an accident. I just reached police spokesman Sgt. Frank Sousa to ask whether new information has come to light about the driver of the car that killed the two tourists.

"We can't confirm or deny any information about who was driving," said Sousa, who refused to elaborate on anything in the report, which says the investigation is "ongoing."

Craig Elford and Kenneth Watkinson, British tourists visiting South Florida on business, were both killed in the hit and run, one of the highest-profile criminal cases of the year in Broward County.

A year ago, Juice spoke with Watkinson's former wife, Janet, the mother to his two children. You can read that interview here.

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