[UPDATED] Emergency Room: Hospital District Calls for (Another?!?) "Emergency" Meeting

Tomorrow at 2 p.m., the North Broward Hospital District will have an "emergency" meeting. According to the announcement the purpose is for "discussion and possible action regarding the report of Martin Goldberg," the former assistant U.S. Attorney who was hired by the district to investigate possible ethics violations by Commissioner Joseph Cobo.

Which is strange, because the same board has already discussed and taken action on that report: On May 27, commissioners ordered the report sent to Gov. Charlie Crist, who appointed Cobo in 2007, so that the decision on Cobo's fate could be made in Tallahassee.

The last emergency meeting, in Mid-May, was to ask for the resignation of the district's general counsel, Marc Goldstone. I've got a few guesses about what this one's for, but I'm going to hold off until I've had the chance to talk to sources. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Oops! Seriously, this one might be my fault. I've been asking the hospital district to release the records generated by Goldberg's investigation. And a district spokesperson tells me that it takes a board action to make those records available, which is what commissioners are planning to do tomorrow.

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