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Updated: Friday Photo Fun

[Breaking News: It's almost as if a slow-motion wrecking ball is moving through the Broward Sheriff's Office. Call it the Scott Rothstein effect. After today's news regarding David Benjamin and Arthur Santucci, the Sheriff's Office opened an internal investigation into Santucci, according to a proven source inside the agency. Reliable sources also say that Col. Edward Werder, BSO's director of law enforcement, said today that he was planning to leave his post at the end of the year. On top of that, I learned today that Lt. Charlotte Ross is suing Sheriff Al Lamberti in federal court for discrimination based on some embarrassing revelations about the inner workings of the Strategic Investigative Division. The suit was filed in July; understand that Ross is the first and only female lieutenant ever to serve in that division. I'm not sure how strong a case it is, but it's interesting. In it, Ross accuses Lt. Jim Murray of engaging in sexually based office misbehavior and general boorishness. She also claims Capt. Kevin Butler demanded that hard-core pornography be kept in a training film being made for BSO gang units. (Yes, she claims that somehow Butler believed the images of a woman and a man putting bottles in places they clearly don't belong was crucial for BSO gang units to view for training purposes. Not to leave any pertinent details out, there was also dog-on-dog sex in the video as well, according to the lawsuit.) The complaint goes a little too far when Ross complains that Murray was dismissive of her at a meeting, rolling his eyes and such. One other thing: The suit defines "split-tale" as a "derogatory genitalia-related anti-female term uttered by individuals holding sexist views toward females working within the law enforcement profession."]

Now let's get on with the photos. First we have this exclusive shot of Scott Rothstein; his pick for governor, Alex Sink; and investment scheme "independent verifier" Michael Szafranski.

​Szafranski, right, worked in an RRA office for Rothstein's whale, George Levin, and was supposed to have verified every aspect of the investment. Looks like he was having a good time doing it. Either he was in on it or he too was duped. I recognize those lights from the Rothstein house photos, so this is obviously a fundraiser for Sink held at his renovated home on Isla Bahia Drive. 

After the jump, a couple of other choice photos.

Yes, that's Crist again, the gladhander of all gladhanders, but Ari Porth and Ilene Lieberman are just waiting to engage you in their scintillating conversation. Can't you just smell it! Afterward, though, you'll need some of this to clean off some of that hard-to-get slime (courtesy of oft-brilliant KevinK):

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