UPDATED: It's The Weekend: Party Like It's Parkland!

From The Daily:

Killer beauty queen Meghan Brown is hoping her pink pistol will make her some green.

Just days after Brown, 25, used a pink .38-caliber pistol to fatally shoot a burly ex-convict who barged into her Florida home, she tried to cash in on the incident by posing for steamy lingerie photos.

Brown modeled thigh-high stockings and a black corset laced up with a hot pink ribbon -- all while aiming a shiny pistol. She even used Photoshop to replicate the pink gun now in the possession of police, though The Daily obtained an untouched image to go with this story.

The professional pinup pictures were taken in hopes of capitalizing on her gun-wielding ways, preferably in the form of a sponsorship deal with Smith & Wesson or the National Rifle Association.

"I wanted to make some money," Brown told The Daily. "I wanted to capitalize on this. I'm the perfect example of why women should have a gun."

Early the morning of March 12, Brown pumped four bullets into Albert F. Hill, 43, who she said forced himself into the home she shares with her fiancé of three years, Bobby Planthaber. Before she started shooting, Brown said, there was a scuffle during which Hill demanded money and repeatedly punched Planthaber, 43, in the face. ...

"I grabbed my gun and waited," she said. "To be honest with you I'm not really that great of a shot, and he was on top of my fiancé. It was pretty nerve-racking."

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