[UPDATED] Jeff Greene Donated to Meek Campaign Before Declaring His Own Senate Candidacy

I guess when you've got over a billion dollars, it's easy to forget where you spent $500. But considering Jeff Greene's personal interest in Florida's U.S. Senate race, you'd think the Palm Beach billionaire would remember making that donation to the Kendrick Meek for Senate campaign this past November.

Or that he'd remember giving $30,400 to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee in August 2009, considering its fairly inevitable that those dollars will be used to help Meek, not Greene, who declared his candidacy last week.

Of course, Greene owes his fabulous wealth in part to making a smart bet on the collapse of the state's housing market. Maybe he's also investing in the political collapse of the Meek campaign. [Updated with comment from the Greene campaign, after the jump.]

Paul Blank, a spokesman for the Greene campaign, saw the Juice post and sent along this statement in response:

Jeff is a Democrat and has supported Democratic causes. But, like most people, he's frustrated that Washington isn't getting anything done. And, while I'm sure Meek and the career politicians mean well, they keep running for office after office while things in Florida only get worse. Jeff is the only candidate in this race who has built a successful business, created jobs and gotten results - he has a real plan to get the economy moving again, create new jobs, and will fight in Washington first and foremost for the people of Florida.

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