UPDATED: Late School Board Chief Called Out "Crook" in Testimony

UPDATED: Late School Board Chief Called Out "Crook" in Testimony

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Obviously the new system brings avatars into the picture. Someone spent a lot of time thinking about how to come up with a good avatar, so you can read that here.

Inside, see who late Broward County School Board construction chief Michael Garretson called a "crook" (under oath).

In his sworn statement with the State Attorney's Office regarding the investigation of Stephanie Kraft, Garretson called real estate broker Ira Cor -- who has worked for Broward County, Southwest Ranches, and other governments -- a "crook." It's not really surprising, since Cor is a felon who brokered the infamous $4.3 million sale of useless Southwest Ranches swampland to the school district a few years back. He was also close to since-convicted School Board member Beverly Gallagher and took a ride on the FBI boat. Here's some of the dialogue on Mr. Cor and prosecutors.

ASA Catherine Maus: Do you know Mr. Cor? 

Garretson: Yeah, unfortunately. 

Maus: I guess he's been around for a while. How is it that he was attached to a number of School Board purchases and Southwest Ranches properties? Do you know why or who his friends are? 

Garretson: He's a crook. I'm sorry. I mean, I can't say that when I'm dealing with him on behalf of the School Board, but he's just a crook. And it got to the point where I refused to deal with him because he was a liar, and I wouldn't deal with him. I wouldn't talk to him. 

Maus: But how does he get himself in the middle of these deals? That's what I can't figure out.

ASA Jeanette Camacho: Who does he know? How does he get himself --

Garretson: Well, he's so repulsive. I don't know who he knows. And I don't know how he gets in -- I don't know his business. I don't know how he does that.


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