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[UPDATED] "LeBron James Is a Bitch": A Soon-to-Go-Viral Song From Northeast Ohio

After LeBron James announced he was taking his talents from the south beach of Lake Erie to the South Beach of Miami, it was just a matter of time before Cleveland's comedy laureate, Mike Polk, exacted his revenge.

I know Polk from my time in Cleveland. You may know him as the man behind another viral sensation, the "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video," which just passed 3 million hits.

His new music video, after the jump.

In the second edition of the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video, Polk joked that his native Cleveland had built its economy on LeBron James. For that, he took some flak from sensitive Clevelanders, but Polk redeemed himself last year, rounding up some of Ohio's biggest celebrities -- including the governor himself -- for the tribute video "We Are LeBron."

But it was all for naught. LeBron James has forsaken Northeast Ohio to become our South Florida neighbor, and Cleveland is left to nurse a nasty grudge. And frankly, considering how James broke up with them on national television, they're entitled to that grudge.

I've left a message with Polk, and I'll update after I've heard back. I wonder: Will mad-as-hell Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert invite Polk to play at halftime when the Cavaliers host the Heat in December?

UPDATE: I talked with Polk over the weekend. He's not optimistic about getting that invitation -- too many kids are liable to be in the audience for an NBA game. His song is better-suited to Cleveland-area taverns.

"It's the easiest thing in the world," he says of the song. "It didn't even need any words -- just 'LeBron James is a bitch' and it'll get big cheers around here."

Asked about Clevelanders' state of mind, Polk said, "They're adjusting. It's fading a little bit. [James] will go down as yet another Cleveland villain, like Art Modell. But we're a resilient bunch. You can't say we're not used to rejection. We've trained for this."

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