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UPDATED: Rothstein Gone, LeVin Jailed, Candidates Debate

Well, as reported elsewhere, Scott Rothstein is gone from the St. Lucie County Jail. I doubt we'll ever know where he is again, including whenever he's released from prison at the end of his sentence.

In other Rothstein news, Sun-Sentinel reporter Peter Franceschina attended the Marc Nurik deposition and found that the bankruptcy court wants Nurik to return a $190,000 loan he received from Rothstein. Nurik, however, said he persuaded Rothstein to convert that into a bonus and also got himself a raise in his salary to $500,000 in October, just before the Ponzi scheme collapsed and Rothstein named him as his criminal attorney. Nurik also admitted to living rent-free in one of Rothstein's Castilla homes for a year. 

Hey, wait a second: Nurik claimed a homestead exemption at the same time on a home he and his wife own in Plantation. Can you get a homestead tax break on a house you don't live in? I don't think so. He said he started paying rent on the Castilla home, valued at about $2 million. How much: $2,500 a month. Nice deal, Marc.  

Rothstein will get a new name, if he doesn't already have one, and become what I suspected he would become when he fled to Morocco: a ghost.

One person who has been delisted from ghost status, however, is Ryan LeVin, who was arrested last night at Point of Americas condos, where his family owns a unit, and then booked into the Broward County Jail. Then LeVin was booked on charges that he ran over and killed two British tourists last year in his Porsche. From a witness account of the arrest sent to the Pulp:

He was arrested at Point of Americas II at 10 PM.  Two officers in two squad cars went up to his unit for 20 minutes, and accompanied him from the elevator to the squad car.  His brother and sister took the elevator down to the lobby with him... brother said "I'll see you

tomorrow.  See you... I'll be there." LeVin walked with officers to the squad car... he was swinging his arms, not handcuffed... I saw that they handcuffed him just before they put him in the car.  Don't know if that's standard. Ryan arrived here on Saturday, with his mother and sister.  Why he wasn't arrested until tonight is a mystery.

Judging by LeVin's mug shot, he got some sun while he was down here. Or maybe he's shamed for what he's done? Nahhh. We'll see what LeVin's bond is.

Also, I'm going to be on a panel of questioners for a congressional debate tomorrow at 4 p.m. on the Jeff Katz Show on WFTL 850-AM. It's for the District 19 candidates, Democrat and state Sen. Ted Deutch, Republican candidate Ed Lynch, and Independent Jim McCormick.

Here's the idea: You guys post questions you want answered from these guys on the blog and I'll ask them either in your name or whatever Pulp moniker you use. I might ask a few on my own, but I thought that would be a fun way to do it. Remember, these are national candidates, so just about any question facing America is on the table.

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