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UPDATED: School Board "Retirees" Pulling in $3.4 Million a Year

Recently I did a post about BSO Lt. Col. Ricky Frey making nearly $320,000 off of a popular state retirement scam for government officials that basically allows triple dipping and opulent take-home pay at the expense of taxpayers. All government officials have to do is pretend to retire, start collecting what amounts to a double pension, and then get rehired by the public body. 

It's a brilliant, if obscene, practice, and I don't think any public agency has the Broward County School Board beat when it comes to cashing in on it. I received a document from a source that lists all the board employees who have retired from the school district, began collecting both a hefty pension and hefty Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) stipends, and then come back as contracted employees to make as much as they were making in the first place or more.

And when they were rehired, they were basically given big fat salaries commensurate to what they were getting when they retired. One name on the list is Carolyn Eggelletion, the wife of  Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion. She was making $109,865 when she "retired" in 2006. That's when she picked up a $248,616 lump sum payment for her participation in the DROP program. That's right, a quarter million dollars in her pocket. Then she came right back to the same job -- principal of Winston Park Elementary -- and today she's pulling a $114,637 salary plus a $51,714 annual pension, which comes to a total of about $166,000 a year. Yeah, retirement has been very good for the commissioner's wife. 

In all, the "retirees" are pulling about $3.4 million in salary each year. I ask again: Where is the leadership? James Notter, excuse me, but what the fuck are you doing?

Keep in mind this is occurring as the School Board is laying off hundreds of teachers due to budget problems. How about the board first let the retirees go ahead and retire? That would save about, oh, about 56 teaching jobs.

After the jump, I'm listing the names and their salaries. 

This list of school board "retirees" and their current salaries while receiving a pension and DROP funds:

Ronald Adderly, Int. AP -- $76,299

Lincoln Anderson, Teacher -- $77,100

Moses Barnes, Teacher -- $100,440

Jan Beal, Area Dir. -- $127,150

Keven Bente, Teacher-Adult Voc. -- $104,499

Daniel Boegli, Princ. -- $103,150

Mary Ann Butler Pearson, Teacher -- $78,300

John Congemi Asst. Princ. -- $92,171

Walter Cooper, AP-Adult Ed. -- $75,230

Carolyn Eggelletion, Principal -- $114,637

Marion Ann Fee, Principal -- $113,458

Joyce Croft Ferguson, Principal -- $122,307

Harry Giles, Teacher (Internal Susp.) -- $75,950

Hattie Giles, Guid. Couns. -- $75,950

Johnny Hardge, Tech., Behavioral Support -- $81,496

Eugene Harrison, Guid. Couns. -- $73,950

Brenda Hawkes, Dir. -- $105,374

Rayfield Henderson, Asst. Princ. -- $121,170

Robert Huber, Asst. Princ. -- $92,171

Ulysses Jackson, Spec. Assgn. Prince. -- $123,400

Calvin Lamar, Guid. Couns. -- $76,650

Peter Lido, ESOL teach. -- $73,950

Margaret Sharon Ludwig, Princ. -- $111,120

Cory Mimbs, Asst. Princ. -- $103,372

Drew Moore, Asst. Princ. -- $87,351

Charles Neely, Princ. -- $121,170

Phillip Sharron Patton, TCH-Helping Resource -- $73,950

Steven Pomerantz, TCH-Behavior Supp. -- $105,059

Cathy Powers, Teacher, Grade 2 -- $78,300

Helen Sapp, AP College Acad. Adm. -- $103,372

William Springer, Teacher Science -- $73.950

Linda Ann Walker, Interim AP Middle -- $72,687

Jill Wilson, Princ. -- $114,637

Cheri Zahn, Princ. -- $114,630

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