UPDATED: Sun-Sentinel Lays Off Unknown Number; Herald Staff Cuts Imminent

The Sun-Sentinel laid off numerous employees on Wednesday -- unfortunately nobody seems to know the exact numbers since the newspaper has kept it under a tight lid.

Sources have put the number at anywhere from 25 to 85 people who lost their jobs in the operations, sales, and advertising department. At least three of them were escorted out of the building by security officers.

I wonder: When did it become customary for newspapers to lay off large numbers of people and not report it in their own publication?

Folks expect Sentinel brass to announce newsroom layoffs next week, with those cuts coming mainly among the ranks of designers and copy editors.

Also, the Miami Herald is bracing for layoffs promised last month by publisher David Landsberg. Sources say they expect a 20 percent reduction of staff in the newsroom, which translates to about 50 lost jobs. Furloughs and pay cuts are expected for survivors.  

In other South Florida newspaper news, the Miami SunPost appears to fading into the good night. The Miami New Times reports that the 23-year-old newspaper is dwindling away to nothing and may soon fold.

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