UPDATED: Wealthy West Palm Socialite Gives Away $5K So He Can Get Laid

No, it's not an April Fool's joke -- at least, not yet.

An anonymous, wealthy West Palm Beach man is offering to give $5,000 to a stranger because his wife wants him to be more charitable. Specifically, she said, "Be more philanthropic and charitable, and until then, NO SEX!"

So the man is running an essay contest of sorts. Beginning at midnight tonight -- yes, the start of April Fool's Day -- members of the impoverished masses are asked to submit 50-word essays on why they deserve the money. The man and his wife will review the entries and pick a winner. But hurry! The contest lasts only 24 hours, ending at midnight on April 1. The website to submit an entry is dealfool.com

The Juice called the man's P.R. agent, Stefani Miller at Tommy Alastra Productions in Los Angeles. She says the generous benefactor really lives in West Palm and does business in Miami and L.A. He wants to remain anonymous for now but might reveal his identity later. And she swears this is not a hoax. So direct your angry phone calls to her.

Good luck!

UPDATE: This contest might be a gimmick to promote a Groupon-style website. Read more here.

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