UPDATED: What's In A Name?

The Miami Herald's Fred Grimm writes about the danger of naming streets and parks for active politicians, citing Barry Kutun, Art Teele, William Dandy, Leonel Martinez, Abel Holtz and Jose Canseco. Hopefully this won't go down in history in the same vein.

UPDATED: The wife of the Pulp was on the same wavelength today. I laughed when I saw the "Ilene Lieberman Park Directory" sign. And that post was proceeding by this from Russell Small.

Oh and another one comes to mind: Pat Salerno Drive in Sunrise. ROTFLMBO.

-- Also, you may notice that I revised the post below about The Paper. I corrected some errors that a reader emailed me with and realized as I went over it that it was a bit too harsh, even for the Pulp. Some of those Cypress Bay kids might wind up doing great things; the show's just a disappointment.

-- Oh, and I just saw the word "webinar" for the first time. I don't like it.

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