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UPDATED: Who Will Help Dalia Dippolito Skip Jail and Post $500K Bond?

UPDATE: Dalia Dippolito posted the $500,000 bond on Monday and is now on house arrest at her mother's home in Boynton Beach. She'll remain there while appealing her conviction for solicitation to commit murder.

August 11, 2011: After calling her "pure evil" and sentencing her to 20 years in the slammer, a Palm Beach Circuit Court judge gave Dalia Dippolito a rare gift this week. If Boynton Beach's most infamous newlywed can post a $500,000 bond, she can leave jail and live on house arrest while she's appealing a conviction for plotting to have her husband murdered.

One tiny problem: Does Dippolito have that kind of cash? Generally, a defendant must pay 10 percent of the fee to a bondsman, who then pays the court the full amount. The bondsman makes sure the defendant shows up for her court dates so he can get his money back.

So Dippolito will need at least $50,000. Remember, she's a former escort who's accustomed to relying on her husband and various lovers for cash. Who's going to help her out now?

1) Casey Anthony. She might pony up the dough out of solidarity, since the two women are perhaps the most reviled femme fatales in Florida at the moment.

2) The producers of Cops. They owe her. Dalia Dippolito unwittingly provided the show with incredible footage of a cosmetically enhanced woman in gym clothes blubbering over the staged death of her husband.

3) Michael Dippolito's fraud victims
. This could be tough, because these folks don't have a lot of money. Dalia's husband convinced them to squander thousands of dollars on a foreign currency scam a decade ago, and he still hasn't paid his restitution. Some victims might have been secretly thrilled by Dalia's scheme to whack Michael. Maybe they'll take pity on her.

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