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UPDATED: "You F-ing Italian, Look at Your F-ing Face"

Those were the words of Brazilian national Luis Renato Jung when he allegedly picked a fight with the wrong guy -- alleged Sicilian Mafiosi and Scott Rothstein target Roberto Settineri.

That's when Jung allegedly "began harassing and taunting the victims by saying, 'You fucking Italian, look at your fucking face," the arresting Bal Harbour police officer wrote in his arrest affidavit.

The ensuing melee involved a bottle being shattered over one of the men's heads, inflicting a one-and-a-half-inch gash in the man's head (it's not clear which man suffered the wound, but it was possibly Di Filippo). Jung and Salvato were both charged with battery, making threats to police officers, and disorderly intoxication, police reports show. I'm not sure how the case was resolved, but I hear it involved pretrial programs, and the charges may have ultimately been dropped.

I also hear that Jung and Salvato didn't escape the fracas without getting beaten pretty badly themselves.  

This is the second fight we've learned about involving Settineri at Miami eateries. The other happened earlier this year at the Soprano Cafe, where a security guard claimed that Settineri opened his jacket to reveal a handgun and told him, "I will put this gun in your fucking mouth... I know where you live. I'll go to your house and kill you and your family." This time, Settineri was the one who was charged. The aggravated-assault case remains open.

Settineri, an alleged conduit between Sicilian and New York Mob families, now faces money-laundering and obstruction-of-justice charges related to the Rothstein case. Tricamo was hit with money-laundering charges. I've learned some new details about the Settineri case as well and will report more tomorrow.

-- UPDATED: The story regarding the reorganization at the Sun-Sentinel is apparently that Editor Earl Maucker will now work under a "director of content" for both the S-S and the

the Orlando Sentinel. The new top dog is Avido Khahaifa, the general manager for the Orlando newspaper and a former executive at the Sun-Sentinel.

The South Florida Business Journal also reports:

"As part of the organizational changes, Orlando Sentinel VP of Circulation Bert Ortiz will report to Howard Greenberg, president and publisher of the Sun Sentinel. Bob Christie, VP of operations for Tribune Florida,will have responsibility for Orlando Sentinel operations.

The changes will help further streamline the newspapers' operations and heighten their focus on important priorities, sources said Greenberg explained.

In South Florida, the company will partner with Sun Sentinel Advertising and Forum Publishing Group for sales and marketing efforts. 

So it appears that Maucker will continue at the Sentinel, just under the supervision of a regional director of sorts. This looks like just more consolidation of the products that will likely pave the way for more layoffs. Still no word on rumored layoffs at the Sentinel.

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