Vaginal Rejuvenation: Controversial Cosmetic Surgery Offered At Strax

For women who want their junk to look like Barbie's, the world of plastic surgery offers a plethora of options.Any intimate part can be enlarged, removed, enhanced, or reduced. According to an article in this month's Atlantic magazine, cosmetic vaginal surgery is a growing trend, increasingly offered by gynecologists looking to supplement their income.

Not surprisingly, this trendy cosmetic procedure is also offered at Strax Rejuevnation and Aesthetics Institute in Lauderhill, the high-volume plastic surgery office that New Times investigated in this week's cover story. Strax offers everything from "G-Spot Amplification" to "Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation" -- designed to tone loose muscles and increase sexual gratification --to reconstruction of the hymen, a procedure that, according to Strax's website, "can repair the hymen as if nothing ever occurred."

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Proponents of these procedures claim to beautify genitalia, and make sex more pleasurable."Many people have asked us for an example of the aesthetically pleasing vulva,"  Strax's website says. "We went to our patients for the answer and they said the playmates of Playboy."

But not everyone thinks these surgeries are a good idea. In 2007, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a statement advising against vaginal rejuvenation procedures, saying they "are not medically indicated, nor is there documentation of their safety and effectiveness."

"The absence of data supporting the safety and efficacy of these procedures makes their recommendation untenable," Dr. Abbey Berenson, a member of the congress, said at the time.

Another potential cause for concern: On its website, Strax lists five doctors available to perform vaginal surgeries. One of them is Roger Gordon, a surgeon who has seen four of his patients die in the last seven years, and is not currently working at Strax.

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