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Vanilla Ice in Midst of Some Sort of Eco-Juggalo Renaissance, Might Renovate the Rock's House

Last week, we delivered the joyous news that the DIY Network has opted to renew the Vanilla Ice Project for a third season. Phew. 

Since then, Vanilla Ice's Twitter feed suggests that he's riding out some sort of eco-minded, juggalo-fueled renaissance that could possibly include a tie-up with WWF legend the Rock. 

Ice, who has apparently made some decent scratch renovating and flipping houses, is said to be overhauling the Rock's $3.5 million home in Southwest Ranches

While details are sketchy, Vanilla Ice said on Twitter that he's "going to build an amazing green home." It's going to be so efficient, according to a feed, that the "electric company is going to owe [him] $."

It's unclear if the house belonging to the Rock -- whose real name is Dwayne Johnson -- is the one Vanilla Ice will be greening up because the '90s icon also said he's been contracted to do "4 separate Ice My House specials." Maybe one of those will focus on the Rock's home? 

When you think about it, Vanilla Ice collaborating with the Rock could create a ratings juggernaut that no demographic can escape. The juggalos are a given. Any self-respecting hipster would tune in for purposes of irony. Enviro-freaks need to watch so they can criticize some minuscule detail about the choice of energy-efficient windows. Midwestern moms and sheltered tweens are still prone to Vanilla Ice's quasi-bad-boy sex appeal. And lame dads everywhere will see an opportunity to reconnect with their teenaged sons through this magnificent mashup.

But the good news just keeps coming. The man best known for "Ice Ice Baby" blasted these Tweets from Farmers Branch, Texas, where he said he is recording with ICP, or Insane Clown Posse, for those not in the know. 

"I am signed to Psychopathic Records -- recording now," he wrote. "W/Mike Clark and ICP."

It'll be interesting to see how Vanilla Ice's eco-minded ambitions and natural handiness influence his work with ICP, a group that considers things as basic as magnets to be a miracle. 

Here's a video of Ice explaining how his relationship with ICP started through a wrestling challenge, as most good business partnerships tend to.

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