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Venezuelan Protesters Swarm Marco Rubio's Palm Beach County Office

About 50 or so protesters showed up at Marco Rubio's offices in Palm Beach County to show the senator their support and protest the Venezuelan government.

On Monday, Rubio took to the floor and gave what is probably the best speech of his political career, as he condemned Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his oppressive regime.

In recent weeks, Venezuela has been rocked by violent student protests, which has reportedly seen at least 22 people die, including a beauty queen who was shot in the head.

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On Monday, Rubio spoke for a little more than 14 minutes, calling for Congress and the U.S. to be more vocal in denouncing the violence happening in Venezuela.

He also showed multiple enlarged photos of the carnage and oppression going on in the South American country. Rubio showed the photo of Genesis Carmona, the slain beauty queen, as well as various photos of protesters being dragged away by military police.

Meanwhile, President Maduro himself commented on Rubio's speech, calling the senator "el loco de los locos" ("the craziest of the crazies"):

In response, Rubio's office sent out a rebuttal, calling Maduri a tyrannical coward:

"Maduro looks like the typical tyrannical coward, attacking those who speak the truth about him and authorizing violence against innocent people from the comfort of his office. We need more people calling out his abuses, and more media outlets to focus on what's going on in Venezuela. Ultimately, Maduro should listen to the Venezuelan people that are demanding real democracy and accountability."

The 50-plus protesters who showed up at Rubio's Palm Beach Gardens offices came with signs and Venezuelan flags. The rally is in support of the senator's speech and a call for the U.S. to investigate the Maduro government.

You can watch Rubio's speech on Venezuela below:

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