Vice Guide: Nifty Places to Get Buzzed in South Florida

Everything that makes South Florida the Vice capital of the country -- the drugs, the sex, the gambling -- is amplified during the week of the Super Bowl. But nothing ruins the perfect party week like someone dying or going to jail. So this week, we'll be presenting The Juice Vice Guide to South Florida. We've done the arduous research, taken the dangerous journeys, and interviewed dozens of local experts to bring you the definitive handbook to depravity in the Sunshine State.

After the jump, interesting places to consume your favorite intoxicants.

Nifty Places to Get Buzzed

Disclaimer: Consuming or acting under the influence of any type of inebriant in any of these places significantly increases your chances of death and/or incarceration.

The Everglades

It's isolated, dark, and quiet, and you're surrounded by nature. The long Florida sky twinkles every night over the swamp. There are police, though, and the physical risks are obvious: killer gators, pythons, panthers, skunk apes, and drunken swamp men.

A high-rise balcony

The fourth Nickelback song of the night just played on the stereo, and the party you're at is beyond salvageable. Outside, though, the cool kids are passing around something to make this awkward debacle a little more bearable. The view is great from any high-rise in South Florida, but death is just one misstep away.

Your bar bathroom

In Miami, it might be in a strip club. In Fort Lauderdale, it could be in an old spring break bar along the beach. In Palm Beach, you would be at a swanky, gilded restaurant, one sink over from a hedge-fund manager looking to share. True Florida debauchery.

Golf or disc golf course

Often overlooked and forgotten, this place requires some planning and scouting. But if it's a beautiful day and you're with buddies in the woods between the fourth and fifth holes, who could blame you? On the other hand, getting kicked out of a club is really embarrassing, and going to jail in golf clothes is an unbelievable nightmare.

The beach

Of course. You're in Florida. You wouldn't be a complete degenerate wannabe reality star if you didn't take your partying to the beach at least one time. Beware the angry parents, the beach cops, and the sharks, in that order.

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Michael J. Mooney