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Vice Mayor on Hit List for Deerfield Beach Hit Man

Sylvia Poitier should have known she was being watched. If not by criminal investigators, then at least by the guy in Deerfield Beach who tends to show them the way. "Mark this day -- mark this day well" is the characteristically immodest headline for yesterday's blog post that contains Chaz Stevens' letter to the Broward State Attorney's Office requesting an investigation into whether the Deerfield Beach vice mayor had a conflict of interest when in March she voted for a $30,000 disbursement to the Westside Deerfield Business Association.

Though Poitier disclosed that her daughter Felicia is the president of that association, Stevens alleges that the vice mayor's connections went much deeper than that, including the association's owing debts to one business and two different people, all of whom may be Poitier's relatives.

Stevens tends to hurl personal insults at his prey before using public records to go in for the kill, but he has been enjoying hard-earned muckraker status in the months since his blog, Acts of Sedition, targeted Mayor Al Capellini and Commissioner Steve Gonot, both of whom were hit with corruption charges in December. When Capellini was suspended, Poitier became the acting mayor until in March ex-commissioner Peggy Noland won the mayoral election.

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Thomas Francis