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Victor Finn Accused of Making Most Straightforward Bomb Threat Ever: "I'm Gonna Blow Your Shit Up"

Fort Lauderdale 18-year-old Victor "Duffleman" Finn is having a bad couple of weeks. Between June 11 and 19, he was accused of making bomb threats, mugging a woman, and throwing asphalt through a rehab center's window. Now, he's in jail.

On June 11, he allegedly called a rehab center where his ex-girlfriend is staying and, when a staff member answered the phone, said, "I'm gonna blow your shit up. This is a bomb threat, bitch."

It was around this time the staff member called police.

Finn wasn't arrested at the time, but police say he wasn't done with the Arris Group Home yet: Two days later, he threw a chunk of asphalt through his ex's bedroom window at the facility after she wouldn't take his calls. He then allegedly called the facility and said, "I hope you heard that."

Again, Finn escaped arrest -- but he was about to make it much easier to find him. On Tuesday, a woman called police to report that two men had just taken her purse -- a short time later, police found Finn and a 16-year-old boy in a parking lot; the victim identified them as the attackers.

According to a police report, Finn has a tattoo that says "90's baby" and admitted to making the bomb threat "due to his anger" but said "he was just kidding and did not have the capability of making a bomb." He faces charges of robbery, false bomb threats, criminal mischief, and throwing a deadly missile.

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