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Victoria Jackson Considers a Run for Office, Asks Facebook Followers for Advice

Former high-pitched Saturday Night Live cast member and current right-wing fringer and Tea Party member Victoria Jackson has decided she might want to maybe get into politics and run for alderman in the town she's currently living in. But, just like commie-killin' Ronald Reagan did before her, she took to her Facebook to ask her followers if this is a good idea.

Jackson, who was the subject of a New Times feature in 2012, has been an outspoken political "pundit" since her SNL days, championing her cause in trying to convince the world that Barack Obama is a communist and telling anyone who will listen that commies kill Christians, so therefore Obama is The Evil because of reasons.

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Jackson has also been outspoken about gay marriage, telling Howard Stern last year that when gays marry, it "makes God mad."

She's also said that the Democratic party is slavery and that the U.S. is quietly being taken over by Muslims.

So obviously, with this kind of eloquence, knowledge, and reasoning, Jackson is totally fit for some kind of political office.

If only running for office didn't include asking for donations and touching people! Guh!

From Jackson's Facebook:

Should I run for "Alderman" in my town? I wanna make a difference. I want to help educate my fellow Americans on Common Core, Agenda 21, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the urgency of getting involved in the political process, putting integrity back into office and halting the encroaching communism. I just hate the campaigning part... the begging for money, the signs, the hand-shaking, etc. Got any thoughts?

Thoughts? Oh yes. And here it is: YES, PLEASE.

This country needs more people who hate the gays and know the truth about Barack Obama's Muslimness in charge of things.

Our only regret is that Jackson no longer lives in Florida. So, if she were to run, it would be where she currently lives, Franklin, Tennessee, which makes Florida look like France.

And it's supposedly a Tea Party hotbed, which means she's got plenty of Bible-reading, America-loving, Gay-hating, book-reading-loathin' people to pander to and talk with about how much Obama is the next Stalin.

So, yes, Victoria, run.

Because real America needs your voice of truthiness and reasonabliness. And you'd make Florida proud.

But, mostly, because it would be fucking HILARIOUS.

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