The before and after.
The before and after.

Victoria Jackson Is Crazy (About America)

Remember the ditzy-sounding actress Victoria Jackson? You probably know her as Saturday Night Live's worst cast member of all time. Or if you can remember black-and-white TV, you might recall her fairly ridiculous standup routines on the Tonight Show.

Well, if that's all you know of Victoria Jackson, you might not recognize her now. This week's cover story in New Times is on Jackson's rebirth as a far-right pundit. Now a regular on Fox News, the South Florida resident spouts religious-right talking points like: "I think there's a spiritual war in our country right now... and I want to encourage people who love the word of God to stand up for what they believe in."

For more, click here to read a story in which New Times reporter Gus Garcia-Roberts takes a ride in Jackson's beat-up Honda and visits her Miami Shores home. Or click "more" for a video compilation of the new and old Jackson.

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