Video Ambush in Deerfield Beach: Did Mayor's Husband Fake Injury?

That's video of Lt. Howard Noland, the firefighter husband of Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland. It's the bomb that Acts of Sedition blogger Chaz Stevens dropped at tonight's commission meeting to a stunned audience.

Noland, says Stevens, claimed to have been injured in 2001, after which he collected 860 hours of workers compensation. The video was shot by a private investigator. Not pictured: the neck brace that Howard Noland favored in his more guarded moments.

But this is actually the oldest scandal involving Deerfield Beach's first family.  To refresh your memory of the more recent ones, click on over to the jump.

In 2007 Howard Noland was found to have worked several years as a fire inspector without having received the proper certification. Peggy Noland has admitted committing an ethical lapse when as a commissioner she voted for a contract with generous terms for the the city's firefighters -- including her husband. And in March the couple's son Thomas Noland -- a firefighter himself, naturally -- fled from police and later turned himself in for destroying the campaign signs of mayoral rivals.

Mind you, all that happened before Deerfield Beach voters picked a Noland to lead them. Which means that after the next scandal breaks, the mayor can climb to a podium and tell those voters: "I couldn't have done it without you."

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