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Video: John Wall Sucker-Punches Zydrunas Ilgauskas

 Zydrunas Ilgauskas -- the seven-foot-three statue known as "Big Z" -- can't help that he's the giant European white guy on one of the most flashy, interesting, talked-about NBA teams of all time. It makes him an easy target. (And trying to rent out his digs in the middle of the game doesn't help his case much.) But still, in last night's Heat-Wizards game, Washington's rookie point guard, John Wall, took a giant swing right for Big Z's ribs.

Yes, Z had bumped his elbow into Wall's face not once but twice, immediately before the punch, but the dude is seven-fucking-feet-tall. He doesn't quite have the dexterity of someone like Wall. He may not have even seen John Wall down there.

And luckily for Z, Wall's punching accuracy is about as good as his shooting percentage... he seems to about half-hit him. And luckily for Wall, Z is not Alonzo Mourning and basically just gave the little guy a long hug after the punch. Because Z is peaceful like that.

Check out the confrontation here:

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