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Video of Chaz Stevens Announcing Candidacy for Deerfield Commission

My Acts of Sedition blogger Chaz Stevens followed through last night on threats that he would announce his candidacy for the Deerfield Beach Commission, doing so with his usual flair for self-promotion.

I've got the video after the jump, along with a video Commissioner Sylvia Poitier's tirade against Stevens. You can see that before he took the lectern, Stevens passed out T-shirts -- jail jerseys that bear the name "Poitier."

And here is Poitier's rejoinder. (Sounds like she's considering legal action against Stevens, doesn't it?)

I asked Stevens for his reaction to Poitier's remarks: "Sue me," he said by way of invitation to Poitier.

The 245 gallons of paint that Poitier mentions are a reference to an allegation that surfaced last April in a forensic audit of the city's Community Development Division. That audit questioned whether Poitier used her position as commissioner to arrange for getting free paint.

"I don't understand why she's talking about paint," says Stevens. "I'm more worried about her votes on the CHDO and about Lionel Ferguson."

Those are references to votes by Poitier on issues that affect the Community Housing Development Organization, which is registered to a nonprofit where Poitier's daughter is the unpaid president. Ferguson is Poitier's brother, who was listed as being a $74,000 liability to that nonprofit.

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