Video of Justin Bieber Being Processed by Miami Beach Police Surfaces

Great news, internet! Video surveillance of Justin Bieber being processed by Miami Beach cops after his arrest a couple of weeks ago has surfaced.


The video shows the young pop star taking off his shoes and socks and his black hoodie. An officer then pats him down before telling Biebz to pull up his baggy shorts.

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Bieber was arrested on a DUI charge on January 23 after he was caught allegedly drag racing on Miami Beach during the wee hours.

The two cars were apparently tailed by a couple of black SUVs to block traffic in an attempt to give Biebz and his car ample space to use the streets of Miami Beach as his own personal racetrack.

According to the arrest report, Bieber had "slow deliberate movements" as the officer spoke with him, indicating that he was impaired and under the influence of something.

"What the fuck did I do?" the pop star asked the officer who pulled him over. "Why the fuck did you stop me?"

A Breathalyzer test showed that Bieber's blood alcohol level was below .02, but further toxicology reports showed he had weed and Xanax in his system.

Bieber is set to stand trial on March 3 in Miami-Dade County Court. Bieber's attorney, Roy Black, has filed a "not guilty" plea.

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