Vigilant Deputy Nabs Sex Offender Cruising for Kids

Here's some good old-fashioned police work from a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy in Oakland Park.

The BSO press release:

While on routine patrol on Monday, May 3, Sergeant Pat Murray observed a blue Dodge Pickup driving slowly past three girls, each walking separately between the 1600 and 1800 block of NW 38 Street. The man almost came to a complete stop as he drove past one of the girls, drove into a park parking lot as he observed another, and stopped on the swale and watched a third teen as she ran past him. All the while, Sgt. Murray was watching his every move.

Murray approached the man, who turned out to be Franklin Norman, 44. Norman claimed to be lost, which in a matter of speaking, he was. A check of the database revealed:

Norman had been convicted in 1996 of lewd/lascivious molestation on a child, and has priors dating back to 1987 including several sex offenses, indecent exposure, assault, burglary, grand theft, resisting arrest and failure to comply with state registration.

Looks like someone won't be around to cruise for kids.

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