Village Voice/New Times Executive Editor Arrested

I'm traveling this long weekend, but had a moment to check in here to get some business done. First, Michael Lacey, the fearless leader of the Village Voice Media weekly empire (which includes this newspaper), and his long-time partner in crime (literally, if you believe the bastard authorities in Phoenix), Jim Larkin, were arrested in Phoenix last night.

Their alleged crime: Reporting on grand jury abuses by a Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and a very special prosecutor, Dennis Wilenchik.

It's a long story, and you can read it here. The bottom line is that Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his goons have gone too far in their attempt to beat down the Phoenix New Times, which has criticized the egomaniac sheriff for years. The latest battle was triggered by NT's publishing Arpaio's home address. That has somehow led to a grand jury subpoena for details about PNT's website visitors.

Lacey's fighting on and the Pulp is available if he needs a militia to help him out.

Also, Fort Lauderdale pilot Clyde O'Connor, whose Gulfstream II jet crashed in Mexico with several tons of cocaine aboard, has apparently ditched America for the Azores. Read about him here. Before he left town, he called the New Times office to complain about my article. Unfortunately I wasn't there to take his call, but have since left messages for him. But it looks as though he's been very busy. Before he jetted to the Azores, he was detained in Canada with two firearms (he has a concealed weapons permit in Florida). Some blogs are abuzz, but the local newspapers are asleep at the wheel.

I'll be back later with the football picks -- my five-year-old daughter was, incredibly, undefeated last week. We'll find out if it was beginner's luck or if the girl has a gift.

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