Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Infamous Boca Prankster, Streaks During World Cup Final; LeBron Tweets Video

Did you even watch, bro?

During yesterday's World Cup Final -- Germany beat Argentina 1-0, by the way, if you've been in a dark room with nothing but good memories and your tears since LeBron James announced he was, you know, never mind -- a young man bolted onto the field, tried kissing a player, and lifted up his shirt deliriously before security dropped him.

LeBron even put up video of it on his Instagram account.

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And, of course, the prankster has South Florida ties.

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is well-known around these parts. He and his mother arrived in South Florida from Russia in 2004, and Zdorovetskiy tried his hand at skateboarding in 2008 before attempting porn in a BangBros shoot a couple of years later.

"I needed the money," Zdorovetskiy told FAU's student paper last year. "You only live once; I am trying to do everything possible."

After skateboarding and porn, Zdorovetskiy took to pranks, his string of YouTube videos filmed down here -- from the Miami zombie prank to the "Do you even lift, bro?" videos -- establishing him as a professional and personable prankster. Hell, at last check his YouTube channel had more than 6 million subscribers.

After his YouTube success here, the young man with a penchant for capturing uncomfortable moments followed his longtime dream and moved to Los Angeles, where he still films hugely popular pranks.

So it should surprise no one that Zdorovetskiy (who hinted at a possible prank earlier this week when he told the world he was going to Brazil for the Wrold Cup) sprinted and streaked on the field.

It's unknown officially how much trouble the 22-year-old got into, but his friend told news outlets that Zdorovetskiy had to pay only a $100 bail. It would explain his happiness after the incident, tweeting a jail selfie and smiley faces.

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