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Vontae Davis Tweets About Sean Smith Possibly Going to the Chiefs; All Hell Breaks Loose

Former Miami Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis wanted to tell his 154,955 Twitter followers that current Miami Dolphins cornerback, and current free agent, Sean Smith has been talking to the Kansas City Chiefs about possibly signing with them.

As it turns out, NFL free agency doesn't get kicked off until March 9, which means that Smith talking to anyone but the Dolphins is considered tampering.

Vontae was notified of this by Smith and tried to fix his tweeting flub. And the results were pretty much what you'd expect with anything connected to the Dolphins...

The crazy began with Davis tweeting this out:

Innocent enough. Sean Smith is Davis' dude. And he and B. Flowers would definitely makes a good Duo.

Not long after, the Sun Sentinel's Omar Kelly retweeted Davis.

And Sean Smith kinda freaked and cleared the air:

Davis, fearful that he may have screwed things up, panicked and went with the ole "my account got hacked" excuse:

Meanwhile, Sean Smith was still reeling:

When someone pointed out to Smith that Vontae said his Twitter was Hack, Smith revealed that it wasn't so much Hack as Davis just panicked and said it was Hack:

The Miami Herald's Armando Salguero, meanwhile, reported the whole incident. And as a result, Sean Smith -- current Miami Dolphins football player seeking a big contract -- went ahead and blocked current Miami Dolphins REPORTER on Twitter. Unless, of course, Smith was Hack:

As for Vontae, he kept on with his Hack ruse, seemingly AMAZED what hackers can do nowadays.

Even though he's no longer a Dolphin, Vontae Davis continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

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