Voodoo Curse Sort of Works on West Palm Man, Landing Recipient in the Klink

It is obvious that the voodoo curse upon West Palm Beach resident Renald Louis is working its magic. Louis spent his 26th birthday in a jail cell, humiliated, and forced to scrounge -- fruitlessly -- for the sums needed to pay his $25,000 bond.

His crime? Throwing a brick through the window of the man who allegedly cursed him, Delvin Carter.

The brick shattered the glass and landed on Carter's couch, nearly braining his 23-year-old daughter. (She was never in any danger, for it takes more than bricks to

harm a sorcerer's child.)

According to the Palm Beach Post, Delvin Carter heard the breaking glass and ran to his living room to see what had happened. Then he ran to his front yard, where he saw Renald Louis preparing to hurl a concrete paver. Carter yelled at his victim to drop the paver -- and he did! Magic! Then, Carter demanded to know why Louis had attacked his home. Louis responded, "You put voodoo on me!" Louis demanded Carter remove the curse.

But Carter did no such thing, and West Palm Beach police presently rushed to do the mage's bidding, dragging the accursed Renald Louis to the pokie, where he languishes still.

New Times spoke with Capt. Fred Hess of the Palm Beach Police Department, who says he doubts there is legal recourse for the victims of voodoo curses. "It would be hard to prove a crime, I think," said Hess. "You could go through the incantations -- but would it work?"

Obviously it would.

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