Voodoo Explanation Gets Off Woman Accused of Threatening Federal Employee

A woman was accused of making threats against a federal employee during a recorded phone call. 

But, it turns out, it was all just a big misunderstanding, and she was just trying to figure out who put a voodoo curse on her husband.

And the judge bought it.

Hooray, voodoo!

Brenda Charlestain, 28, of Greenacres, was upset that her husband, Josny, also 28, called her from the Broward County Jail. So she got on the phone with the federal employee who wrote the sentencing recommendations for him and began to berate the person with expletives, alleged threats, and other incoherent ramblings.

Back in March, Brenda and Josny were both arrested for buying firearms at the Palm Beach County Gun & Knife Show. Josny is a felon and therefore not allowed to own a gun. Brenda pleaded guilty to disposing of a firearm to a felon as well as a charge of food-stamp fraud of close to $24,000. Josny pleaded guilty to weapon-related charges.

In the phone call, Charlestain said something to the effect of, "Sego will handle it."

Prosecutors took this as a threat to the federal employee. But Brenda testified that Sego is the name of her voodoo priest in Orlando.

"I think her version makes more sense, based on what I heard," Judge Snow said. "If you don't believe in voodoo, this conversation makes no sense; if you do, it makes perfect sense."

And there you have it. 

Lawyers out there really should start considering not using the tired old "temporary insanity" pleas and just go with the "voodoo" plea instead.

"Your client is charged with robbing $20 billion from that bank."

"Your honor, my client pleads 'voodoo.'"

"Case dismissed!"

*slams gavel*

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