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Vote the Bastards In

It's Election Day. Here's a quick rundown of the races the Pulp is sort of interested in. I don't know if these are endorsements or predictions or a bit of both: -- Jim Davis over Rod Smith (stick it to Big Sugar). -- Jeremy Ring over Graber in Florida Senate District 32 (Graber's too mealy-mouthed to be trusted). -- Amy Rose over Waldman in Florida House District 95 (Waldman loves money too much to be trusted). -- Irv Slosberg over Deutch (shit -- we need something to write about). -- Barry Sacharow over Palamara and Schwartz for Florida House District 99 (Sacharow will shake it up). -- Ruth Roman Lynch over Carter and Gottlieb for school board (just say no to Ken's wife).

Oh, and don't forget to vote. Studies show that it can be an effective way to give people the comfortable illusion that they have any say whatsoever in the way their government is run.

Judith Ann

Weekend Rundown

--Luisa Yanez had a story in the Miami Herald Sunday that belongs in the Pulp hall of fame. It involves the unsolved and incredibly mysterious murder of a six-year-old girl, scant physical evidence, and plenty of familial suspicion. ''All members of the family are under suspicion," said a top official. "This is a heinous crime. It had to be committed by someone who had knowledge of the house."

It's not about JonBenet Ramsey, but the case about which Yanez writes bears eerie similarities to the Boulder crime. It's the

Judith Ann Roberts murder case from 1954. Come up with your own theory, but just spouting off from the well-done article, I'm leaning toward the 16-year-old peeping tom. But as thorough a job as Yanez does, there are a million questions left over -- some of them I'm sure that have been asked and unanswered for 52 years.

-- The Miami Herald's Nikki Waller gave us an interesting story on a group of prosecutors and public defenders who conduct weekly yoga sessions in a conference room at the courthouse building. It's led by a "hard-charging prosecutor" named David Frankel.

Says attendee Joel Shulman: ''This just helps me disconnect from the normal stuff we do 40 hours a week.''

Yes, I'm sure that when you're working for State Attorney Michael Satz or defending murderers and rapists all day, you'd want to forget about what you do as often as possible. Even Broward Public Defender Howard Finkelstein attends when his bad back permits. ''We engage in battle on really difficult stuff,'' he told Waller. "But we're also getting together in a sacred space contemplating the synchronicity of all things as we prepare our body to stretch and achieve health.''

Oh shut up.

-- It's sad that FIU football standout Lance Preston was killed in a motorcycle accident, but he was playing a high-risk game. Here's what pisses me off about these crotch rocketeers -- they fly on the Interstate so fast and so close to your car that they could make an unwitting killer out of you. Who wants that on their conscience?

-- On the potential Alcee Hastings For House Intelligence Committee Chairman Debate, as written about by the Herald's Lesley Clark, you almost have to actually agree with the Washington Times.

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