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Voting Horror Stories From Broward County, Florida

A voting horror story: If you live in Florida, you probably have one.

An editor at the Sun Sentinel does.

And a cursory scroll through Facebook shows that so do a lot more of you. Below are a few rants posted shortly after poll-closing time. Add yours!

From Kristin Defler, a lawyer in Hollywood:

Voting rant: I get to my polling place, the address on my voter's registration card, the place where I've voted for the past 14 years... and it's dark. I walk around the building for about 10 minutes trying to find out what's going on. I happen to run into a lady who tells me they moved registration to a different location about 1/2 mile away. She says it would be quicker to run than drive. I run. I'm there seconds before 7pm. The guy manning the door, Nelson, chuckles and shakes his head and then says, "we're closed." I explain that I'm here on time and I show him my voter's registration card which has the address across the street on it. I explain I've spent the last 10 minutes looking for the polling location. He says, "yeah, that's been happening all day but, we're closed." I ask him for his name and he says, "Polling Deputy." I twice again ask for his name and he finally says, "Nelson." I explain that the City shouldn't, without notice, change the location and, since I was there on time, he should let me vote. His response, "the doors are locked." A woman opens the door and tells me the machines automatically shut down at 7. I can see inside where people are voting and I say, "I'm not an idiot; I see people voting; I know I'm only required to be in line by 7." End result: too bad. I'm told to take it up with the Supervisor of Elections. So I didn't get to vote. ‪#‎America‬. Like

From Robin Merrill, proprietor of Upper Room Art Gallery in Fort Lauderdale:

OUTRAGE!!!! Our family of 3 went to vote, first time voting for David, and Mark's license was swiped and said HE ALREADY VOTED. He has not!! We all have the same physical address, but one of us couldnt vote!! Same thing happened to the woman behind us. She only had one hour break from work, it was lost AND SO WAS HER VOTE!!! After phone calls to the lame-arse Elections office OF BROWEIRD County, Mark and the other lady were handed REGISTRATION FORMS to re-register to vote, in order to receive a Provisional Ballot which WONT BE COUNTED until they are qualified as voters!!!! In a crucial election where EVERY VOTE COUNTS, we were denied voting rights. I AM FURIOUS

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