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W Hotel Fort Lauderdale Trendier Than Every Other American Hotel, Says TripAdvisor

The W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale is the trendiest hotel in the country, according to TripAdvisor -- an upscale win for the changing face of Fort Liquordale (Fort Martinidale?). So why, with the bounties of trendy in cities like New York and Los Angeles, did the folks who use TravelAdvisor bestow such an honor on a South Florida (and not even Miami) establishment? Let's examine.

First, let's look to the TripAdvisor comment section. Close examination shows that in order for a hotel to be the "trendiest," praisers and complainers must both be yakking about all things trendy -- sounds basic, but it's especially striking when one person raves about the same thing another person whines about -- the nexus of trendiness. Here's an example:

"The first thing I noticed... no door on the bathroom (you can hear everything...)??? I kept moving and saw that the design of the room was very contemporary and not my style at all... the bed was so low it was almost on the floor," says a traveler from Pennsylvania.

"The room was stunning, clean, modern... I had the "peek-a-boo" bathroom and a corner ocean view, so I was able to watch the cruise ships depart Port Everglades while I showered, it was surreal," says a traveler from Florida.

Then, more trendiness... overpriced food that sounds normal.
" grilled cheese sandwich I've ever had. Very pricey but that's to be expected," says a traveler from Kentucky.
Has this person heard about the W hotel restaurant Steak 954's $100 cheese steak? Is paying $100 for a cheese steak even trendy? Does it come with Cheez Whiz? Is it served by an angel?

The ultimate gauge of trendy... a smattering of snotty clientele.
"Some of the people staying here seemed very snobby & uptight, but the staff was always very friendly," says a traveler from New York.

In other trendiness, there are the so-cool-they're-confusing elevators that spring from the Jetsons-like lobby -- or is the lobby the space that's a couple of floors up? Whatever. Then, there are the stairs that part the water of the pool and lead to the bar below.

Perhaps the reason the W really is so trendy is its stark contrast to the nearby establishments that are the forefathers of Fort Lauderdale's waning boozy reputation: Elbo Room, Pirate Bar, Hooters, Dirty Blondies, and every shop that sells T-shirts reading "I'm in Fort Lauderdale BITCH!"

An upshot: When it's not travel season (which, of course, it is now), the W opens its hypertrendy pool area to the public every Sunday for its "Salvation Sundays Pool Party" so that we locals can see what all the hype is about while drinking a decidedly delicious bloody mary and overlooking the Atlantic.

...all of this from a hotel where representatives answer the phone asking, "What is your wish?"

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