Wal-Mart Bandit Involved In Sea Mystery

The Miami Herald breaks the news that one of the two men -- or should I say suspects -- found floating in a lifeboat by the Coast Guard yesterday is a fugitive from Arkansas.

Kirby Logan Archer was a "trusted assistant manager" at Wal-Mart before he took off with 92 grand in a microwave oven. How he wound up on the Joe Cool -- and what happened to Capt. Jake Branam, his wife, and two other crew members -- still a mystery.

What's interesting is that the Sun-Sentinel missed the Archer angle in its story this morning, yet it indirectly broke the news about the fugitive yesterday. Lester Behan, of Pompano Beach, found this website and this one and posted the links on the Sentinel's comment board.

Nice job by Behan. But somehow the Sentinel still missed this fact in its own version of the story this morning. They were outgunned by the Herald, though, which put four reporters -- Luisa Yanez, Curtis Morgan, Evan S. Benn, and Jaweed Kaleem -- on the story while the Sentinel only had one and a researcher. Obviously, the Sentinel needs more interns.

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