Walmart Asks School They Kicked Out To Come Back And Sing For Them

Yesterday we told you about the Pembroke Pines Walmart that did the most Walmart thing ever by telling school kids to take their 9/11 singing tributes someplace else. Even though they had already arranged it with the store in advance.

Well since corporate greed knows a good boycott looming when it sees one, the store told the Miramar Elementary school that they could come back and sing for everyone after all!

How thoughtful.

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After children were sent home crying and parents took to Facebook to complain, the company higher ups stepped in because their big bank accounts hearts were achy over the misunderstanding.

Walmart told Coconut Palm Elementary that they would contact them to arrange a do-over.

On Thursday, a local Walmart manager called the school's Principal, Terri Thelmas to arrange the whole thing. Thelmas said she would talk to parents to make plans for another run, though no make-up date has been set.

Give credit to Thelmas for not telling Walmart to stuff their sorries in a sack and taking her school to another store. If it were us, we'd agree to come back but instead of bringing the kids, bring a biker gang to ride around the parking lot, doing wheelies and donuts and hollering things like, "Walmart is the bane of evil! Death to corporate devils!" in a megaphone.

We have other great ideas like this one if Principal Thelmas is interested.

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