Walmart Employee Shoots Co-Worker's Car When She Wins Employee of the Month Over Him

A Deerfield Wal-Mart employee did the most Wal-Mart employee thing ever when a co-worker was chosen as Employee of the Month over him.

He shot up his co-worker's car.

The two worked at the Deerfield Beach Wal-Mart store on South Military Trail, and when the Employee of the Month was announced, the man decided to express his frustration over being snubbed by popping a cap in the winner's car.

Sounds reasonable.

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According to a Broward Sheriff's Office, Willie Mitchell was arrested and charged with discharging a firearm from a vehicle when he was caught firing his pistol into the back of a female employee's car before speeding off.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, as all Wal-Marts do, there were plenty of surveillance cameras in the parking lot to capture the moment.

As the story goes, Mitchell got all huffy about not winning the award, and began arguing with the Employee of the Month winner, comparing their workloads.

According to authorities, Mitchell repeatedly said, "I'm gonna show you," to the victim.

And by "I'm gonna show you," Mitchell apparently meant "shoot your car with my gun."

The BSO says video captured Mitchell parking his car next to the victim's vehicle. He then rolled down a back window and fired his gun into the victim's car. Mitchell then sped off.

Police say the woman was not in her car at the time of the shooting.

You may be SHOCKED to know that Wal-Mart doesn't actually reward their Employees of the Month with anything. They don't get a plaque, or a ribbon. There is no extra money put in their paycheck. It's simply an honorary thing.

Wal-Mart says Mitchell no longer works there.

So, in the end, Willie Mitchell is the real winner of this whole incident.

(Except for the whole getting arrested thing, that is)

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