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Walmart Supercenter Is Coming to Hollywood

Miami city commissioners just approved a 203,000-square-foot, three-story Walmart superstore in Midtown, Miami last night. Not to be outdone, the retail leviathan just announced that Hollywood will also be getting its very own supermegabehemothverybig store come 2015.

It's like Oprah decided to giveaway Walmarts to all of South Florida. Only, much, much sadder.

You get a Walmart! YOU get a Walmart! EVERYBODY GETS A WALMAAAAAART!

The Hollywood store, which will open at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and State Road 7, will be slightly smaller than the midtown, Miami one, coming in at a whopping 180,000-square feet.

There will also be a fresh produce section because, if you weren't aware, Walmart sells EVERYTHING.

And 180 grand worth of square feet is more than enough to roam when you're looking to buy paint, a wig, hair removal cream, a tire, a Big Mac and a TV all in the same day!

As ever, the super store is saying this is all about jobs.

In a statement by the company, spokesman Bill Wertz also promised economic development:

"Our Hollywood store will bring affordable groceries and jobs to the surrounding community, while bringing economic development and revitalization to the area. We believe it will serve as a catalyst for other businesses."

Meanwhile, Hollywood commissioners are pretty much giving the same reasons for building a Walmart as the Miami commissioners did for the midtown one: there are no real inexpensive grocery stores for residents in the area.

"It has been nearly 10 years since we have seen significant development come to this area of Hollywood," Hollywood commish Linda Sherwoodand said in a statement. "Walmart is leading the way in bringing new retail to this neighborhood."

We suppose there are worse things that can happen.

And, hey, at least we know the people that get jobs at the new Walmart will be totally covered by Walmart if they can't afford food for their families during the holidays because Walmart doesn't pay them enough!

It's a win-win, really.

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