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Wanted: Summer, Fall Journalism Interns

New Times Broward-Palm Beach is looking for writing interns for both the summer and fall semesters. Here's your chance, truth-speakers and blog-typers, to get some genuine newsroom experience, write about pretty much anything you want, and drink as much free coffee as you can fit into your face.

Requirements: Be a college student, get college credit for writing, and be able to write, as my editor put it, "a damned good blog item."

There aren't any major guidelines outside of those, and your help would be appreciated on our food, music, or news blogs. Let us know what you want to do.

If you're on the fence about inquiring, know that I turned a news-blogging internship 'round these parts into a full-time job. I get a desk and everything.

Some highlights of my tenure as an unpaid blog-jockey: Jose Canseco called me a piece of shit, a conservative radio host called me a fool, and commenters on just one of my columns called me both "a total a..hole" and "a peice of s#$^t trouble maker." The spelling errors were not mine.

Another said I "must have been stuffed into his locker one too many times in high school," and another chimed in with "I'm challenging you to a bare-knuckle knock-about you little turd... Death to you."

It was the most fun I've ever had.

You don't have to bounce around antagonizing 'roided-out MLB all-stars, but if you like the idea of taking a stance and backing it up with facts and original reporting, then send an email over to Andrea Richard at [email protected] If you've got any questions, send them to her or to my email listed below. Looking forward to seeing you.

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Rich Abdill

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