Wasserman Schultz Has Everywhere Trick

(Spoiler Alert: If you haven't seen the movie The Prestige, stop reading this post now, because I'm going to give away a crucial plot twist.)

Remember that seemingly impossible trick in The Prestige by Christian Bale's character? On one side of the stage, he closes a door behind himself while in the very next second he comes out of a door on the other side of the stage. Eventually, it's revealed that one man is actually a pair of twins, and the trick makes sense.

This is the only way to explain the seemingly impossible knack that U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has for being everywhere at once. Amid last week's news that she'd had seven surgeries over the past year, including a double-mastectomy to prevent another breast tumor, most readers probably missed a report from Congressional Quarterly that named the West Broward congresswoman one of her party's most prolific fundraisers.

So Wasserman Schultz would have us believe that in the past year she was able to beat cancer, campaign vigorously for Hillary Clinton then Barack Obama, attend committee hearings and vote in congressional sessions, all while raising three children in Weston and lighting up the fundraising scoreboard.

That's a lot of work even for twins. Maybe there are three of her? In any case, the Wasserman Schultzes must be impressing the Democratic Party leadership, and at this pace, she's (they're?) liable to join those ranks before too long.

Wasserman Schultz is in Pembroke Pines today. So if one of our Washington D.C. readers spots her on Capitol Hill, please take a time-stamped photo.

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