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Wasserman Schultz on Fox News: Insurance Companies "Rape and Pillage" American Consumers

As you can see, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is quite comfortable on the cable news circuit; so comfortable that the otherwise circumspect West Broward Congresswoman is willing to describe in vivid terms exactly what deviant metaphorical acts the insurance companies are inflicting upon us virginal American consumers.

But then, the smug mug of Bill Hemmer probably has that violent metaphor effect on everyone.

In its capacity as house organ for the Republican Party, Fox News pumps out hours of propaganda about the evils of health care reform, only to ask a Democratic member of Congress to please explain why her party's plan isn't wildly popular? You tell us, Hemmer!

Besides, Rasmussen has a reputation for phrasing its health-care survey questions in a way that leads respondents to oppose reform. "So Mr. Jones, would you prefer your current health plan? Or the one with death panels that is the first step in a socialist plot to destroy America?"

At the end of the interview, Hemmer has the nerve to suggest that a random sampling of Americans knows more about whether the plan will lead to savings than than a member of Congress, who has a staff that researches that 2,000-page bill and who actually has a role in crafting it. Riiiiight. Why do we even need Congress? Let's hire a few more Rasmussen pollsters and just craft next year's federal budget by opinion poll.

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Thomas Francis