Wayne Huizenga: I Should Have Waited A Year To Stiff Fans

Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga regrets doubling, and in some cases tripling, the price of club level seats this year. And I'm sure hearing that is going to make seat holders, who are now paying $400 a game (Is that true?), feel much better about having to pay such exorbitant sums to enjoy watching the dismal Dolphins.

The Sun-Sentinel's Sarah Talalay reported Huizenga's regret in her blog on Sunday and that Jose Lambiet followed it up on his Palm Beach Post blog yesterday.

“We should have let people see the improvements to the facility. Once people see this, they may understand,” Huizenga said.

Not that there's much sympathy for the wealthy fans involved. Lambiet interviews a lawyer from Jupiter Island named Joe Farish who has a 12-seat box overlooking the 40-yard-line. He said he signed a 10-year lease on the box for $115,000 a season.

“With food and booze and everything, and of course they charge $50 for a $22 bottle of gin, we’re talking about $1,100 per seat per game. But forget that. Wayne shot himself in the foot. Playing in a palace is useless until he puts a goddamn team on the field.”

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