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We Get Letters: The Sheriff and Sexism and AK-47s

The Sheriff of Sexism

By Jose Lambiet, September 8

Our story on accusations of sexism within the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office garnered several letters and online comments.

Congratulations to Jose Lambiet for his reporting on the Palm Beach Sheriff's Department practices. I appreciate the time it took to research, review the records, and report this story. In my opinion, the importance of this article extends far beyond the Palm Beach department alone but embodies messages and attitudes that reflect a larger society and, probably, many police departments, that may continue to operate as a "man's world" or "old-boy network."

Bill Johnson

Coconut Creek

The reporting in the story is extraordinarily poor, lazy, and biased. I love how the writer sets the tone by adding flare with language like "smack-dab," and "fancy-equipment-driven," and one of my favorites, "icing on the cake of humiliation." Seriously, watch Brian Williams or Tom Brokaw report the news; it's done without spin and emotion. Then your rag will have a little more credibility.

All too often, these little local papers get one or two people to comment and don't follow up on the credibility of the witnesses or source. What if someone at your "journalism" office claimed something about you that simply wasn't true? Would you want the journalist to print the story without finding out if it really happened or how credible the source is or the witness(s) is/are or if the accuser was an incompetent person with a history of complaining/claiming harassment?


How are the deputies victims or being treated like animals? If you weren't there to witness or a trained hazmat tech, please don't answer that question, because you don't know. This is clearly a case of "she said, he said." And who should we believe? Let's see.

1. If there was an act of wrongdoing or maliciousness, why didn't these accusers follow the proper procedure and document it/report it immediately and appropriately? 2. When you don't know what a confiscated item is, under no circumstances should you pick it up.

Now they want to accuse other deputies of wrongdoing — nonsense and blasphemy! These are the men and women who risk their lives during real hazmat incidents. These women are attempting to deflect their failures, rule-breaking, and negligence on others; worse, onto sworn public servants.


Florida Company Offering Free AK-47s to Businesses Opening New Accounts With Them

By Matthew Hendley, September 16 on the Pulp Blog

A Florida company that provides the equipment and processing for credit-card transactions at businesses announced a "Free AK-47 Giveaway," offering an AK-47 worth up to $750 for new accounts.

Before the summer of 2008, I never dreamed I would own any firearms, let alone assault rifles. But between the Knoxville Unitarian Church shooting, Byron Williams' aborted attempt to shoot up the Tides Foundation and the ACLU, the MLK Jr. attempted bombing, and the Utoya shooting, I've made damned sure to stock up for what the teabaggers plan to unleash on us.


It's Tea Party, "tea bagger." So, what do you think we Tea Party people are planning? We're not violent or planning any raiding parties. It's only people like you who do that, not us. You don't seem to have the brains God gave a crowbar. I'm just sayin'.


Actually you baggers are violent, often calling for "Second Amendment solutions" for when you do not get your way. Your evolution comes directly from the various militia groups that plagued us during the Clinton era, throwing bricks through windows of anyone who is not a tea bagger. Oh, and that term tea bagger is what you nutjobs called yourselves when you first popped out of whatever spider hole you were hiding in.

So sorry, but I pay very close attention to lunatic movements.


I see that you progressives are threatening Tea Party people with violence again. Well, numbnuts, you'll be sorry to know that the average Tea Party man or woman is 20 times more accurate with target acquisition than your welfare a** will ever be. Shootin' sideways will get you a busted nose with that piece-of-crap Russian junk.


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