We Got Issues: New Times in Print

In this week's New Times feature story, Gus Garcia-Roberts writes about Florida Memorial University's penchant for violent crime -- and violent crime suppression by the security staff. A young man from Deerfield Beach named Theonus Times, studying to be an embalmer, apparently felt the need to borrow his deceased father's rifle to feel safe on campus.

In the music section, John Hood credits the rock band Rebel for its head-sticking, hum-inducing sound. The band plays Culture Room on Saturday.

Despite a fiancee-enforced embargo on goat brains, John Linn stopped at the new Pakistani restaurant in Plantation, Usmania and enjoyed a range of Indo Chinese dishes, like "haleem," described thus: "After hours of cooking, the mixture resembles a kind of meat porridge -- thick, sticky, and gelatinous." He loved it, the lunatic.

In Theater, Brandon K. Thorp treks to American Heritage High School in Plantation, at a positively inhuman hour, to judge the District 13 Individual Events Festival -- a theater performance competition among teens who haven't yet had their dreams of stardom smashed against the rocks of the Real World.

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