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We Got Issues: New Times in Print

In this week's New Times, Michael J. Mooney's talking dog fighting minus Michael Vick, but with all the same cruel circumstances. The feature chronicles a passionate animal control officer's investigation into an alleged pit bull fighting ring in suburban Boynton Beach, which led to extensive police surveillance, subsequent arrests, and an impending trial.

Over in Bob Norman's column, light's being shed on all the shady happenings of the Broward County School Board. First the Feds busted board member Beverly Gallagher for stuffing bribe money in a doggy bag, and now Norman has School Board member Stephanie Kraft in his sights, as you can see here.

In film, Brett Gillin praises Black Dynamite as a "carefully crafted homage to blaxploitation that can still entertain those unfamiliar with Richard Roundtree." Less annoying than Austin Powers, and set a decade later, the 1970s the spoof film is complete with pimps, pimp-slapping, and polyester. 

In the music scene, Jose D. Duran has some sad news to share. The popular PS14, downtown Miami bar/lounge is closing its doors for good after Halloween. Owners tell New Times that their decision to shut down the hot spot had nothing to do with finances; they just didn't want to renew the lease, instead focusing on new projects.

Lastly, there's a jam-packed calendar of events this week from the already sold-out Dolphins vs. Saints game Sunday to Fort Lauderdale's International Film Festival tonight.

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